Epoxy Mortar Project

Armorcoat's epoxy mortar system patches holes, joints, and cracks.

Mortar Gallery

Joint Crack and Hole Repair

Armorcoat has a solution for joint, crack, and hole repairs. Check out this gallery of a recent job completed at an industrial workshop.

Industrial Gallery

Industrial Application of Armorcoat systems

Many of our Armorcoat products are designed specifically for large jobs, such as this industrial floor coating system. Check out this gallery to see the size and scope we can accommodate.

Industrial Gallery

Industrial Application System

Does your business need a flooring system that holds up against high traffic wear-and-tear or potential chemical damage? Check out this gallery of an Armorcoat customer who needed just that!

Before & After

Before & After

Armorcoat systems not only protect floors, they make floors look fantastic! Check out this before and after application.