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Concrete Floor Coating Repair Systems
September 30th, 2015 4:23 pm

Resurfacing Epoxy Mortars

Armorcoat Floor Coating

If your concrete floors are cracking, chipping or even crumbling, Armorcoat has the perfect solution! Our resurfacing mortars will not only fix the problem, but they will also prevent further damage from occurring because our epoxy mortars are long-lasting. Quite often, concrete slabs will start to crack along the joint lines or suffer stress from the traffic of heavy vehicles or chemical damage. Cracking, Chipping, and crumbling can lead to unattractive and even hazardous areas that will continue to spread throughout the whole floor. You can save a lot of money if you allow us to stop the damage from spreading or becoming worse. If you allow the damage to continue to spread, you will ultimately have to replace the entire floor.

Our color options for our concrete patching solutions will fit any floor. Take a look at our color selector here to view our top coat colors or our decorative flake broadcast....

Over 74 Different Floor Coating Options!
September 29th, 2015 11:14 am

Armorcoat Floor Coating Systems

Protect, Strengthen & Beautify

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Armorcoat manufactures over 74 different concrete coating systems including water based epoxy coatings, high-performance epoxy coatings, chemical resistant urethane coatings, VOC compliant urethane coatings and many more. Our water based epoxy coating, AR1015, is a two component water based epoxy coating that exhibits excellent characteristics that rival solvent-based floor coating products. AR1015 has superb chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and substrate penetration rendering this product a superior part of a garage floor or other concrete floor coating system. Additionally, AR1707LVP is a two component 100% (+1-1%) solids epoxy colored coating designed for applications where a high build colorfast impact resistant and chemical resistant concrete floor coating system is required. Our urethane floor coating systems include products like AR3...

Armorplate Product Description
September 28th, 2015 12:19 pm

Designed to Cure, Densify & Impart Water Repellency

Product Description

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Armorplate: is a single component, water based sodium siliconate solution designed to cure, densify and impart water repellency to a wide variety of concrete surfaces. It reacts with moisture and carbon dioxide to form an insoluble, water resistant bond with the floor itself. Armorplate imparts a satin to high gloss finish that requires no maintenance and prevents concrete dusting for the lifetime of the concrete..

  • Recommended For: Concrete Floors, Warehouses & Manufacturing Areas.
  • Colors Available: Clear to very opaque Color.
  • Coverage Per Gallon: When the surface is fully saturated, coverage will depend on the absorptivity of the substrate resulting in 100 to 400 square feet per gallon coverage.
  • ...
The Steps To Do-It-Yourself
September 26th, 2015 10:55 am

Application Instructions

Step By Step How To Do-It-Yourself

Armorcoat Floor Coating
  1. Your first step is to sweep and dust all debris off of the floor area you'll be coating. A dry, dust free area is essential for a proper coating. It's also important that the area you're coating is free from serious cracks and damage.
  2. Use a broom and wet-dry vacuum to thoroughly clean debris from the floor. Remove grease with a degreaser and stiff brush. Rinse the degreaser and allow the floor to dry. You can also use a neutral cleaning agent to break up the heavily soiled areas instead of a degreaser. Heavy stains may require a pressure washer.
  3. For the acid wash, mix one part of muriatic acid with six parts of water. Carefully pour the acid into the water, to minimize splashing. Wear eye protection and gloves when working with these liquids. After using muriatic acid, mix a generous amount of baking soda with wate...
Armorcoat's DIY Floor Coating Kits
September 25th, 2015 11:42 am

Do-It-Yourself Floor Coating Kits

Serviceable Enough For Industrial Applications

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Armorcoat provides do-it-yourself kits that are serviceable enough for industrial applications. Our DIY kits are perfect for anyone on a limited budget or for anyone who just prefers to do it their selves. We also carry 9-inch and 18-inch rollers, cleats, and paint trays. If you'd like, you can speak to one of our representatives to learn more about our industrial do-it-yourself application systems. We also offer professional installation for anyone who would rather have it done for them.

Armorcoat's floor coating products are ideal for any floor surface that needs to be repaired, protected and beautified. We have everything from the joint fill and crack sealer, epoxy mortar fills, complete resurfacing and concrete hardening systems, to epoxy basecoat and urethane topcoat applications that will completely restor...

Armorcoat Epoxy Concrete Coatings

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