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Penetrating Sealer
May 23rd, 2015 7:12 pm

Silane/Siloxane Penetrating Sealer

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Product Description

AR1021 is a one component water based multi-functional self-cross-liking water soluble alkylalkoxy silane and siloxane designed to treat a wide variety of mineral substrates including architectural concrete, concrete block, splitface block, paver's, stucco, porous and dense brick, clay tile, exposed aggregate concrete, sandstone and slate.

Color: White Opaque Emulsion.
Packaging Information: This product is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons, and 55-gallon containers.
Shelf Life: 6 months in unopened containers when stored between 50 - 80 degrees F.
Finished Characteri...

AR800 Epoxy Crack Filler
May 22nd, 2015 3:18 pm

Technical Data for Epoxy Crack Filler AR800

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Product Description

AR800 is a two component 100% solids epoxy crack filler designed for shallow repair on either vertical or horizontal surfaces. This product is easy to mix and use and has a non-critical mix ratio. Additionally, the product, because it is a 100% solids formulation, can be applied thicker on horizontal surfaces when required. AR800 is recommended for repairing cracks and defects in concrete or masonry.

Colors Available: Gray (when mixed)
Recommended Film Thickness: 1/8" cracks or thin build repairs
Coverage Per Gallon: 0.13 cubic feet or 1,228 lineal feet @ 1/8" x 1/8"
Mix Ratio: 1 part A to 1 part B by volume
Application Temp: 60-90 Degrees °F
Shelf Life: 1 Y...

DIY How To?
May 20th, 2015 6:06 pm

Do-It-Yourself Application Instructions

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Do-it-Yourself Concrete Floor Coatings Kits
Application Instructions

  1. Your first step is to sweep and dust any debris on the floor area you'll be coating. A dry, dust free area is essential to a proper coating. It's also important that the area you're coating is free from serious cracks and damage.
  2. Use a broom and wet-dry vacuum to thoroughly clean debris from the floor. Remove grease with a degreaser and stiff brush. Rinse the degreaser and allow the floor to dry. You may also use a neutral cleaning agent to break up the heavily soiled areas instead of a degreaser. Heavy stains may require a pressure washer.
  3. For the acid wash, mix one part of muriatic acid with six parts of water. Carefully pour the acid into the water, to minimize splashing. Wear eye protection and gloves when w...
Armorcoat Concrete Repair Systems
May 19th, 2015 7:00 pm

Concrete Repair Floor Coatings Systems

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Concrete Repair Floor Coatings Systems
Enhance Your Floors

If your facility's floors are experiencing damage such as cracks, chipping, or crumbling, Armorcoat has the solution for you. We have resurfacing mortars that can prevent further damage from occurring. Many times, concrete slabs can begin to crack along the joint lines or suffer stress from the traffic of heavy vehicles or even chemical damage. The result of these conditions is usually unsightly and unsafe areas that spread throughout the floor. If you can stop the potential damage from spreading or becoming worse, you can save a lot of money by not replacing the concrete.

There are color options for our concrete patching solutions that can fit any job. Check out our color selector here to view top coat colors or a decorative flak...

Armorcoat has a Full Line of DIY Kits!
May 18th, 2015 5:49 pm

DIY Floor Coating Kits

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Industrial Do-It Yourself Concrete Floor Coatings
Durable Epoxy & Urethane Solutions

Armorcoat features do-it-yourself kits serviceable enough for industrial applications. These are cost effective means to installation if you're on a tight budget. We provide rollers, cleats, and paint trays. Speak to one of our representatives for more information on the industrial do-it-yourself application systems. Armorcoat has specific floor coating products for the type of floor surface you want to repair, protect and beautify. At Armorcoat, we also have professional installations available, of course. Everything from joint fill and crack sealer, epoxy mortar fills, complete resurfacing and concrete hardening systems, to epoxy basecoat and urethane topcoat applications that will completely restore...

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