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Do Your Concrete Floors Need To be Repaired? No Problem - We Have the Perfect Solution!
April 17th, 2019 5:14 pm

Joint, Crack and Hole Repairs Featuring Our Resurfacing Epoxy Mortar Systems

Protect, Strengthen and Beautify Your Commercial Facility DIY and Professional Installation

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Our Concrete Repair Floor Coatings Systems

If your concrete floors are damaged and are cracking, chipping or crumbling, we have the perfect solution - our Resurfacing Epoxy Mortar Systems. This solution will not only fix the problem but will also prevent further damage from occurring! When concrete slabs begin to crack along the joint lines or suffer stress from the traffic of heavy vehicles or chemical damage, the result of these conditions is usually hideous and unsafe areas that spread throughout the entire floor. When you stop the potential damage from spreading or becoming worse, you will save yourself a bundle of money by not having to replace the whol...

Floors Don't Have to Be Plain and Simple! Add Life to Your Floor(s) with Color Flakes!
April 15th, 2019 5:42 pm

How to Choose & Apply Color Flakes for Your Epoxy Coating

For the Best Results, Give Our Team Members at Armorcoat a Call Today!

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Color Flakes, Color Chips, or Epoxy Paint Chips

Often referred to as color flakes, color chips, or epoxy paint chips, these little explosions of color can help to create some beautiful custom garage floor coatings with just a little creativity. They also tend to create a lot of questions for people when they realize decisions need to be made about color, floor coverage, the size of the flakes, and how to apply them. There are also some distinct advantages to having them in your floor coating as well. Our goal here is to take a look at what these color flakes really are and to answer some of the many questions about how to use them.

What Are Vinyl Co...

Revamp Your Floors with the Perfect High Performance Urethane!
April 14th, 2019 3:49 pm

This Coating System Is Suitable for a Wide Variety of Flooring Sectors

ALL of Our Floor Coating Systems Are Proven to Withstand the Test of Time!

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Product Description

AR3400: Is a two component polyester/aliphatic polyurethane floor sealer that exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability.

  • Recommended For: Auto service centers, warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, exterior tanks, indoor or outdoor service and chemical exposure areas.
  • Colors Available: White, off white, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, tile red, brown, tan, beige, light blue, blue, green and special colors are available upon request.
  • ...
Are You Sick and Tired of Your Boring Concrete Garage Floor? Upgrade Them Today!
April 12th, 2019 2:22 pm

Epoxy Coatings Can Turn Garage Floors into an Extension of Your Living Area

Contact Armorcoat Today to Get Started on Your New Garage Floor Coating System!

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Ideas

A garage floor coating is one of the most economical and aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance a plain gray concrete garage floor. These heavy-duty epoxy-based systems not only upgrade the look of the floor, but they also increase resiliency to stains and tire marks and hide minor imperfections. With many colors to choose from for the base coating, which can be further enhanced by decorative quartz or paint chips, garage floor coatings give you a wide array of design options.

Epoxy floor coatings provide a wear-resistant and chemical-resistant surface for garage floors. Many manufacturers of epox...

Epoxy 101: What Is It? What Are the Benefits? How Is It Applied? And so Much More!
April 10th, 2019 8:26 pm

Epoxy Will Give Your Garage or Shop Floor That
Showroom Shine That Says "Look at Me"!

When You're Ready to Get Started, Contact Armorocat

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Why Is Epoxy Is a Premier Garage Floor Coating?

One of the toughest and most durable finishes that you can apply to a garage floor today is an epoxy coating. Not only does it protect your garage floor, but it can also instantly transform your boring or ugly cement into a professional looking floor of beauty and function. And since the garage is fast becoming more than just a place where you park the car, the benefits of garage floor epoxy have quickly made it one of the top choices for garage flooring today.

Used for both residential and commercial applications, epoxy will give your garage or shop floor that showroom shine that says "look a...

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