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Do-It-Yourself Floor Coating Kits
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Armorcoat's DIY Floor Coating Kits

Industrial DIY Concrete Floor Coatings

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Armorcoat has do-it-yourself kits that are serviceable enough for industrial applications. Our DIY kits are a moderately inexpensive means of installation for individuals who are on a limited budget or for anyone who would rather do it their selves. We also have 9-inch and 18-inch rollers, cleats, and paint trays. You can talk to one of our representatives to learn more about our industrial do-it-yourself application systems. We also offer professional installation for those who would rather have it done for them.

Armorcoat has the ideal floor coating products for any floor surface that needs to be repaired, protected and beautified. We have everything from the joint fill and crack sealer, epoxy mortar fills, complete resurfacing and concrete hardening systems, to epoxy basecoat and urethane topcoat applications that will completely restore your concrete floors.

Make The Best Selection for Your Floors

When you use Armorcoat's Do-It-Yourself Floor Coating Systems, you're making the very best selection for your floors. Armorcoat’s proprietary floor coatings provide extraordinarily high performance and protection, plus they look beautiful. We have a vast selection of options available in the Armorcoat Decorative Flake System.™ You'll be able to turn your boring, old, and damaged floor into a dazzling, long-lasting, and stable space! Armorcoat DIY Floor Coating Systems are becoming very popular for residential garages, pool areas, basements, sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

Restore & Protect Your Floors

After so many years of usage and neglect, concrete floors become filthy from oil spills, tire tracks, grime and so much more. Your concrete floor can become an unattractive and even dangerous area. Basements are merely one more area that can develop into a problem. Armorcoat's Do-It-Yourself kits will help you restore, protect, strengthen and enhance those unsightly areas of your home. The DIY kits are fitting for anyone who would like to change their ugly garage or basement into a showroom or hang out area. We also offer professional installation for all of these coating systems.

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