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Penetrating Sealer
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Silane/Siloxane Penetrating Sealer

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Product Description

AR1021 is a one component water based multi-functional self-cross-liking water soluble alkylalkoxy silane and siloxane designed to treat a wide variety of mineral substrates including architectural concrete, concrete block, splitface block, paver's, stucco, porous and dense brick, clay tile, exposed aggregate concrete, sandstone and slate.

Color: White Opaque Emulsion.
Packaging Information: This product is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons, and 55-gallon containers.
Shelf Life: 6 months in unopened containers when stored between 50 - 80 degrees F.
Finished Characteristics: This product does not change the overall appearance of the substrate. After the material is applied and allowed to dry for 24 hours, it will not be readily apparent that the application has occurred, expect the surface will exhibit water repellency.
Abrasion Resistance: The application of this product will increase the abrasion resistance of most substrates. Results will vary according to substrate type.
Adhesion: Because this material becomes an integral part of the surface that is coated and does not form an impermeable barrier, delaminations do not occur.
Cure Schedule: Allow the material to dry for a 24-hour period to obtain the maximum benefits of the application.
Primer and Top Coat: Two coats recommended, each.

Benefits of Using:

  • Provides excellent water repellency to reduce cracking, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence, and dirt pickup, thereby lengthening substrate life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Provides excellent beading for improved aesthetics.
  • Low VOC emissions on curing. EPA compliant.
  • Formulated to minimize darkening effects thus not changing substrate appearance.
  • Good performance on both neutral and highly alkaline surfaces providing application field flexibility.
  • Physically and chemically bonds to substrates.
  • Product is UV stable and will not discolor.
  • Product is resistant to biological degradation for longer service life.
  • Coatings are vapor permeable to resist cracking, peeling, blistering and allows for carbonation to continue after the coating application. This allows for lengthened substrate life and greater substrate structural strength over time.
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