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Our High Performance (Voc Compliant) Urethane (Color and Clear)
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The Perfect a Two Component Polyester/Aliphatic Polyurethane Floor Sealer

Exhibits Excellent Characteristics for Flexibility, Weathering UV Stability and More

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Product Description

AR3400: Is a two component polyester/aliphatic polyurethane floor sealer that exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability.

  • Recommended For: Auto service centers, warehouses, computer rooms, laboratories, aircraft hangers, cafeterias, exterior tanks, indoor or outdoor service and chemical exposure areas.
  • Colors Available: White, off white, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, tile red, brown, tan, beige, light blue, blue, green and special colors are available upon request.
  • Coverage Per Gallon:320-500 square feet per gallon @ 3-5mils wet thickness.
  • Packaging: 3 gallon and 15 gallon kits.
  • Shelf Life: One year in unopened containers.
  • Finish Characteristics: High-Gloss (80-100 at 60 degrees @ Erichsen Gloss-meter)
  • Impact Resistance: Gardner Impact, direct & reverse = 160 in.lb (passed)
  • Cure Schedule:
    Pot life...2-4 hours @ 70 Degrees F
  • Tack Free (dry to touch)...3-5 hours @ 70 Degrees F
    Re-coat or Topcoat...5-9 hours @ 70 Degrees F
    Light Foot Traffic...14-24 hours @ 70 Degrees F
    Full Cure (Heavy Traffic)...3-5 days @ 70 Degrees F
  • Primer: Recommend AR1015 clear.
  • Topcoat: None recommended.

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