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Our Epoxy Flexible Joint Sealant Is Ideal for Where a Resilient Flexible Joint Material Is Needed
March 11th, 2019 5:48 pm     A+ | a-

Recommended For Expansion Joints in General Industry and Expansion Joints

Also Available in a More Viscous Formulation (928m-2) for Applications to Vertical Surfaces

Armorcoat Floor Coating

Product Description

AR928 - flexible joint sealant is a two component 100% solids epoxy designed for applications where a resilient flexible joint material is needed. This material is also available in a more viscous formulation (928M-2) for applications to vertical surfaces. The two component material (standard) is supplied with a black component and a white component so proper mixing can be easily observed.

Recommended For: Expansion joints in general industry as well as expansion joints on highways, bridges, airports, garages and marine decks.
Colors Available: medium gray (mixed) Part A white and Part B black.
Recommended Film Thickness: 2" to 11/2"
Coverage Per Gallon:2 gallon kit @ 1/2" by 1.0" yields 74-78 lineal feet.
Self Life: 1 year in unopened containers
Impact Resistance: Excellent
Cure Schedule:
Pot Life (2 gallon volume) ... 1-3 hours @ 70 degrees F
Re-coat or Topcoat ... 4-7 hours @ 70 degrees F
Light Foot Traffic ... 10-24 hours @ 70 degrees F
Full Cure (heavy traffic) ... 2-7 days @ 70 degrees F
Primer: None Required
Topcoat: Not Required. Many epoxies and urethanes are compatible.

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