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Did You Know That Epoxy Can Help Revamp Your Garage AND Increase Your Home Value?
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Epoxy Floor Coating Offers The Best Balance of Economy and Quality

This Barrier Is Effective at Repelling Water & Other Liquids Such as Chemicals, Salts, & Oil

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Why Should You Choose an Epoxy Floor Coating System?

If you're looking to to revamp your garage into an auto showroom or if you simply wish to increase the value of your home then, then the perfect solution would be to have an epoxy garage floor coating system installed! An epoxy floor coating system offers the best balance of economy and quality which will transform your garage into a practical and professional looking addition. As an added bonus, epoxy is tough, long-lasting AND provides its users with a wide variety of advantages. You can find a list of these advantage below.

What Are the Benefits of Using Epoxy for Your Floors?

Professional & High Class Appearance

When professionally and correctly applied, an epoxy floor coating system will act as a high-performance coating system which in return will transform your garage or workspace into a professional space.

Moisture & Stain Resistant

Epoxy flooring is moisture resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for garage floors that get their fair share of spills and leaks. Epoxy also resists stains, including motor oil and other engine fluids. Additionally, the finish of an epoxy floor coating system will stay fresh for countless years to come and wipes clean like a kitchen counter!

Resists Damage

This type of floor coating system is impact and abrasion resistant, which means that you can drive your lawn mower/tractor into the garage without having to worry about ruining your brand new floor. Likewise, dropped tools will make no impact either! What more could you ask for in a floor coating system for your garage?

Resurfacing Qualities

If your garage floor is cracked, stained and (or) worn down, then an epoxy coating is just what you need to resurrect it. Epoxy coatings are self-leveling and provide a smooth, polished finish that can cover up all the blemishes and failings of your current floor. Additionally, having an epoxy floor coating system is an excellent way to refresh your garage, and you can even choose from a broad variety of colors and (or) which are sure to brighten your space up.

Concrete Preparation

Most cement floors require a thorough diamond grind vacuum cleaning and airing before an epoxy coat can be applied. However, if you choose to use Garage Enhancements to apply an epoxy coat, you won’t have to worry about prepping your garage floor beforehand.

Easy To Maintain

All you will need to clean your epoxy coated floor is soap and water. Yes, it really is that easy; because an epoxy floor coating system is designed to resist moisture and stains, so any dirt or oil will come off remarkably easily.

If you’re in the market to redesign or redefine your garage, or if your floor just needs a face-lift, an epoxy coating will thoroughly satisfy all your needs and then some to create a professional looking garage or workspace.

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